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Those who have seen the Pixar animated movie Ratatouille will be familiar with the phrase, "Anyone Can Cook".  Well, at Freedom Investment Group, our motto is 'Anyone Can Invest'.

Freedom Investment Group is a small group of individual investors whose goal is to achieve financial freedom.  At Freedom, we believe that financial freedom is something that can be achieved by anyone, young or old, rich or poor.  All one needs is to be equipped with the right kind of knowledge, and have the right mindset.  Our goal is to be the provider of proper knowledge to build the right mindset so that 'anyone can invest'.

Alex Y. is founder and investment adviser at Freedom I.G..  His formal education background is Computer Hardware Engineering.  By day, that is really what he does.  He currently works on next generation memory controllers in the GMC IP group at Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD).  By night, his focus is equity research and valuation analysis.

Alex first dipped his toes into the investing world with his savings while on a 14 month internship with an FPGA company in Silicon Valley in 2004.  It was then that he first started reading the annual letters written by Berkshire Hathaway CEO, legendary investor, Warren Buffett.  Soon after returning to Canada, Alex was introduced to 'The Intelligent Investor' by Benjamin Graham, which to this day, he considers one of the best investing books ever written.  After graduation in 2006, Alex decided to begin his own journey to financial freedom.   His 3 core investing principles are value, dividends, and consistency.

At Freedom I.G, Alex manages the Dividend Growth Portfolio, which is 100% funded by his own capital, and provides monthly updates on its progress.  He also provides market commentary via blog posts and Twitter.  As of 2011, 7 years after his first investment, 5 years after beginning his journey, and 2 years after the end of the Great Recession, Alex has begun managing equity assets for clients who also wish to embark on their own journey.  As of Q1 2013, assets under management (AUM) have grown to over $300K from under 175k in Q4 2011.

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